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Matt Livingston

Behavorial Development Expert

Matt is an experienced business leader and entrepreneur with a passion for helping individuals within small to medium sized businesses reach their full potential.  He loves being able to partner with the decision makers to achieve their full potential... 

About Matt

Running a business isn’t for the faint of heart. There are many pieces

that need to come together, and if one is off, the entire business suffers.


Iron Core is different. I get my hands dirty and jump into the weeds. I'm 

not just going to give advice, I am going to help you implement.


Bottom line, it’s my goal to make sure you hit yours.

Core Approach

Core Approach

To think about
When is the last time you mapped out the direction of the company?
What are the root causes of your success and failure?
Who is responsible for what, when, and why?
What are your top priorities and are they the right ones in the correct order?
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I listen and learn about the company, its team and culture to gain a thorough understanding. Then review challenges and areas needing improvement.

Review progress together. Discuss what is working well and what needs changed.

Help teams adapt and apply new processes and methods. Provide any training or professional development needed to ensure success.

Work together on a strategy and how best to address the crucial issues.

I roll up my sleeves and spend time with the team to identify challenges and areas needing improvement.

Lead the implementation of changes and new processes.





I take a comprehensive look at your business then identify goals, growth initiatives and challenges. I will then guide you on how to implement solutions and develop an action plan for the future.  From the inital assessment to implementation, I'll be with you every step of the way.

  • Performance Management

  • Structural Alignment

  • Crisis Evaluation, Solution and Execution

talent engagement

The hiring process isn't often high on the list of most leaders' favorite things to do. It's time consuming, lengthy and takes away from key roles and responsibilites. I help facilitate the process, from crafting interview questions, to interview coaching, to conducting the interviews themselves. Let me help find the best candidates for your company and its culture.

  • Interview Evaluation

  • Talent Assessment

  • Live Interview Training

professional development

Build skills and expand your team's knowledge with custom courses and workshops. Designed to elevate insights on leadership and sales skills. Classes are engaging, hands on, and target the needs of the organization and individuals. 

  • Leadership Training

  • Sales Effectiveness 

  • Messaging and Differentiation

  • Question Based Leadership

  • Building Level 3 Relationships




Coaching is a collaborative effort. I cultivate relationships while developing individualized plans to work through. Together.  Let's uncover your unique talents and gifts and how to use them so you can reach your full potential.

  • Identify Skills and Strengths

  • Create Goals and Objectives

  • Performance Enhancement

  • Leadership Development

  • Executive Coaching

“What is the value of a good question? Ask Matt! He helped our team understand the impact asking good questions can have on communication and relationship building. The time he spent with us brought very practical and subtle ways to integrate meaningful questions into our daily routine.”

Eric Hehman, President and CEO
Austin Asset Management

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