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Why We Need a Coach

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

The question I’ve heard most in the last year? What have you been up to? I’ve immersed myself for the last 6 months in training to become certified as a personal coach. My follow up plans? Spend the next 6 months playing live ball in the real world, with real people. I want to dig into their real “ stuff”, the real fears, barriers, problems, cloudy perspectives and hurdles so that I can complete my coaching certification. Most people would agree they want to find the best version of themselves. Are you open-minded, teachable and brave? Do you welcome feedback? The work is worth it. We all have times that we plateau, we have blind spots and personal biases. Your biases can be outward or internal belief systems about oneself.

I love learning in this arena. I want to coach so that I can work with people as they begin to live and to live at their highest capacity. Whether the intent is for your professional life, the impact spills over to your personal life. The 2 are tightly linked. Get your daily efforts and thought life aligned with your goals. What habits aren’t serving you well? There are so many areas to dive into that one loses sight of what is hindering you in life.

A good coach isn’t going to try to change the core of who you are but meets you where you exist and helps take you where you want to be. It sounds simple, but we would all fall short of our best selves when we go it alone. The most successful people understand that no one does it alone. It may or may not surprise you that the likes of Oprah Winfrey or the largest hedge fund manager in the world have coaches. Most can regurgitate the trite saying, “ What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same things and expecting different results”. Yet we habitually stay with what we know and find it difficult to enact change. My hope is to provide disproportionate value to you. To be a trusted and valuable resource that digs in, finds the root problems, collaborates on plans and most importantly, holds you accountable. It’s worth it and I know this because I use a coach myself. It bears repeating, the work has been worth it.

This topic is timely as many of us start the new year charting the course for the year. What do we plan to do different and better? I bet a coach could make that difference!

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